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A road accident



O level


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A road accident

My friends and I are on our way back home after a sumptuous dinner at a restaurant. All of us are a little tipsy as we might have drunk a little bit more beer than recommended. Even the one at the wheel is not completely sober, but this isn't a problem in 2090. The majority of cars are self-driving. A car accident is the least of our worries since the last one happened years ago. We are relaxing while listening to a music playlist. Our music is chosen by artificial intelligence and is uniquely generated to fit all of our different music tastes.

Suddenly, the car in front of us, an expensive two-wheeled Lamborghini, screeches to a stop and changes direction to the opposite lane. That normally never happens. In a flash, the car gets out of the road and heads at full speed towards a random building. I am horrified at what happens next.

I helplessly watch the car brutally hit a young girl before crashing into the building. The girl's body lays lifeless on the street. Her splendid immaculate white dress lays now in a pool of blood. I will never forget this gruesome sight. The Lamborghini is blaring with wild flames, I doubt that there are any surviving passengers. The acrid scent of petroleum wafts in the air. I now notice that our car and all the cars in proximity have stopped simultaneously. The doors have been automatically locked, impossible to get out. A chill runs down my spine. My friends sit silently in shock.

Thankfully, we soon hear the siren of an ambulance. In 20 minutes, the police, the firefighters, as well as a group of news reporters, are deployed here. I hear the loud buzzing of helicopters above me. A small crowd of curious onlookers gathers at the scene. They are immediately dispersed by the police. I learn by eavesdropping on the reporters that Lamborghini's owner is a very important and wealthy man. His self-driving car has been hacked and controlled by computer hackers. Someone obviously wanted him dead.

Abruptly, all the cars start to move again. I am glad to leave this ghastly scene. This day will probably stay rooted in my mind for my entire life. The journey home will be quiet.


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