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A teacher whom i admire



O level


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A teacher whom i admire

Mr Cox is no ordinary science teacher. Not only is he talented at teaching biology, chemistry and physics, but he is also a famous online influencer.

Mr Cox is an imposing bespectacled man and is always dressed in a fancy colourful suit. He often wears a thin layer of make-up. His long ink-black hair is tied in a messy ponytail. His appearance is much debated among the teaching community but he does not care. While a strict disciplinarian in school hours, it is after class that we discover his wild side.

I consider myself being very lucky to be one of Mr Cox's students. Every day after class, he would invite any volunteers to his personal laboratory in order to participate in crazy or oddly satisfying science experiments. I always volunteer. His laboratory looks more like a filming set, with stray cables everywhere, artificial lights and professional cameras. He even employs a cameraman. He can afford such expenses thanks to his millions of viewers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Mr Cox likes to experiment with magnets, mixing different substances or working with electricity. Naturally, he always pays extra attention to health and safety precautions. I actually learn more from these experiments than in theoretical science classes during school hours. My favourite experiment was when he made a giant foam explosion by mixing litres of Coca-cola, Sprite and Fanta fizzy drinks with a kilo of MENTOS mint sweets. This was also his most viewed video. Not only does he teach us students, new and fascinating things, but also people all over the world.

Mr Cox side hobby does not make him any less dedicated in his profession. He might not be much appreciated by his colleagues, but he is by far the student's favourite. It is also observed that his students scored higher marks. This might be because he views the world differently compared to other teachers, who mostly focus on cramming a lot of information in our heads for exams. Mr Cox teaches us not only science but also facts about the universe, ecological challenges and the future of our generation. Mr Cox is a truly unique teacher. He is a role model to me.


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