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Multiple Choice Questions

Verification of accounting records

IGCSE and O level


The totals of a trial balance did not agree. The total of the debit column was $13 400.

It was found that the purchases journal had been overcast by $195 and goods bought from supplier X for $85 had been incorrectly credited to Y.

What was the total of the credit column of the trial balance?

A $13120
B $13205
C $13595
D $13680



The totals of a trial balance agreed.

What does this mean?

A All the arithmetic in the ledger is correct.
B All transactions have been entered in the correct ledger accounts.
C Alltransactions have been entered on the correct sides of the ledger.
D Total debit balances equal total credit balances in the ledger



After preparing a trial balance it was found that a cheque, $300, received from Oliver, had been debited in Oliver's account and credited in the bank account.

No other errors were found.

Which statement about the trial balance before correcting the error is correct?

A The credit column was equal to the debit column.
B The credit column was $300 more than the debit column.
C The debit column was $300 more than the credit column.
D The debit column was $600 more than the credit column.



A trader has not kept proper accounting records for his business.

What will he use when calculating trade payables at the end of the year?
A bad debt written off
B discount allowed
C returns inwards
D returns outwards



On 30 September 2018, Ahmed's bank statement showed a credit balance of $2500. Ahmed found that a cheque issued for $90 and a deposit of $500 had not been included on the bank statement.

What was the balance at bank shown in Ahmed’s cash book on 30 September 20187

A $1910
B $2090
C $2910
D $3090



On 1 October the bank column of Kim’s cash book showed an overdraft of $120. She was then notified that a cheque, $80, received from a customer in September had been dishonoured.

What was the balance of the bank column in Kim's cash book after recording this dishonoured cheque?

A credit $40
B credit $200
C debit $40
D debit $200


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