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Use this as the title for a story.
In your writing you should:
• choose a clear viewpoint
• describe the setting
• explore your characters’ thoughts and feelings about being alone.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story takes place in the year 2075, in a remote outpost on Mars. The protagonist, a biologist, lives and works in a small, utilitarian facility provided by the Mars Colonization Project, the first of its kind.

Main Character: Dr. Amelia Foster, a 35-year-old Mars Colonization Project biologist. Her passion for alien life forms is what drives her to endure the desolate Martian terrain and the monotony of isolation. She is self-driven, determined, and slightly introverted, and has a tendency to immerse herself in her work, often at the expense of her own mental health.

Conflict: Dr. Foster finds herself confronted with prolonged solitude after a sudden sandstorm prevents her team from reaching the outpost. Alone on Mars, she must battle against the creeping tendrils of isolation and maintain her sanity while continuing her important work.

Dialogue: Use dialogue sparingly, mainly in the form of Dr. Foster’s audio logs. Her monologues will reflect her mental state, providing insights into her scientific discoveries as well as her struggle with loneliness.

Theme: Explore the theme of isolation and the human will to overcome adversity. As the story unfolds, reveal how solitude can be both a blessing and a curse, providing space for introspection and self-discovery while also posing significant mental challenges.

Tone: Maintain a tone of melancholic resilience, capturing the lonely starkness of the Martian landscape as well as Dr. Foster's determination to push through her situation.

Pacing: Start slowly, establishing the setting and the situation. As the isolation sets in, increase the pace to reflect Dr. Foster's rising anxiety. Then, slow down as she learns to cope, with brief accelerations when surprising twists occur.

Plotline: Introduction of setting and character, emergence of conflict (sandstorm and isolation), the peak of mental stress, the introduction of coping mechanisms, a surprising discovery that renews her enthusiasm, and finally, the ending where she appreciates the value of her solitude.


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