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Describe two very different and interesting animals which live in your area. (Remember you can describe the behaviour of the animals and the places where they live as well as their appearance.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: Set in the diverse ecosystems of suburban Colorado, the tale unfolds in the present day. The story alternates between the urbanized environment where sparrows chirp atop telephone wires and the looming forest nearby where foxes prowl.

Main character: I am the narrator, a thirty-year-old wildlife enthusiast and a suburban resident with a keen eye for observing and appreciating the nature around me.

Theme: The central theme is the contrast and adaptability of wildlife in their habitats, conveyed through the detailed depiction of a sparrow and a fox's life.

Tone: The tone is informative and reflective, offering a contrast between the serene bird's life and the fox's thrilling existence.

Pacing: The pace of the story will be rhythmic, mirroring the quiet lifestyle of the sparrows, then shifting to the swift and suspenseful life of the fox.

Optional: The story is a nature-centric descriptive essay emphasizing the details of the animals and their environments, illustrating the diversity of life within a small geographic area.

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