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How has social media impacted language and communication?

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1. Social media has revolutionized communication and impacted language.
2. New words and phrases like 'hashtag', 'selfie', and 'emoji' have become part of everyday vocabulary.
3. Full verb phrases have become common acronyms, and new combinations of words have emerged.
4. Social media has altered the meaning of some words like 'friend', 'like', 'status', 'wall', 'page', and 'profile'.
5. Communication styles become more informal and open on social media.
6. Personal information is shared more on social media.
7. Language becomes more visual with the use of emojis and other visual aids.
8. Social media can be a breeding ground for misinformation and hate speech.
9. Lack of face-to-face communication and a decrease in empathy are concerns.
10. It is up to us to ensure that language evolution is positive and responsible.

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