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Write a description with the title, ‘The view from the other side’

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The bustling city of New York, in the current time period, from the perspective of the protagonist overlooking the city from a high-rise building.

Main Character: Ethan, a 35-year-old successful businessman, known for his hardworking nature and ambition, who recently started questioning the true meaning of success and happiness.

Theme: The story revolves around Ethan's introspection on his life, examining the different aspects of city life and its impact on people, and realizing the importance of human connections and simple pleasures in life.

Tone: The tone will be contemplative and introspective, with a touch of melancholy.

Pacing: The story will unfold slowly, matching Ethan's contemplative mood, and build up to his realization and acceptance.

Optional: The story will revolve around the protagonist's thoughts, feelings, and observations, with minimal interactions with other characters.

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