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Write a descriptive piece called On the Dancefloor. In your writing, focus on movement, sound and
colour to help your reader imagine the scene.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story takes place in a popular urban nightclub in the present day. The club, known for its eclectic music and diverse crowd, is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

Main character: The protagonist is Alex, a 25-year-old software engineer. Alex is a bit introverted, prefers coding over clubbing, but tonight, pushed by his friends, he's stepping out of his comfort zone. His motivation is to let loose, experience the unfamiliar world of night-time revelry and possibly, surprise himself.

Theme: The central theme is embracing spontaneity and the unexpected adventures life offers. The story follows Alex as he navigates the sensory overload of the club, embracing the unknown and finding a part of himself he never knew existed.

Tone: The tone should be vibrant, dynamic, and somewhat introspective. As the story is told from Alex's perspective, his initial apprehension, followed by growing confidence and enjoyment, should be palpable.

Pacing: The story begins slowly, introducing the setting, the characters, and the initial hesitation of Alex. As Alex begins to enjoy himself, the pace should quicken, mirroring the fast beats of the music and the energetic atmosphere.

Optional: The essay should be around 400 words and must be written in the first person.

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