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Write a descriptive piece called On the Space Station. In your writing, focus on sound, movement
and colour to help your reader imagine the scene.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The story unfolds aboard the International Space Station, orbiting Earth in the present day. The space station, a marvel of modern engineering, is a symbol of human curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge.

Main character: The protagonist is Dr. Maya Srinivasan, a 35-year-old astronaut and astrophysicist. Maya is driven, passionate about her work, and has a childlike wonder for the universe. Her motivation is her lifelong dream of experiencing space firsthand and contributing to the scientific community.

Theme: The central theme is exploration and the awe-inspiring vastness of the universe. The narrative follows Maya as she experiences the wonders and challenges of living in space, reinforcing the notion that exploration is not just about new discoveries, but also about experiencing and appreciating the grandeur of existence.

Tone: The tone should be reverential, filled with awe and marvel, yet grounded in the reality of space travel. The reader should feel Maya's exhilaration and fear, her sense of wonder, and the profound solitude of being so far from home.

Pacing: The story begins with the routine of station life, gradually revealing the extraordinary aspects of living in space. The pace should mirror Maya's experiences, alternating between the frantic pace of emergency drills and the slow, serene moments of observing Earth from above.

Optional: The essay should be around 400 words and must be written in the first person.

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