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Write a descriptive piece called The Circus. In your writing, focus on sound, movement and colour
to help the reader imagine the scene.

Essay Type:

Descriptive Writing

Essay Plan

Setting: The setting is a vibrant, bustling circus on a warm summer night in the present day. The venue is set up in the middle of an open field at the edge of a small town, drawing a diverse crowd of locals eager for entertainment.

Main Character: The main character is Lily, a 10-year-old girl who is visiting the circus for the first time. She's a curious, imaginative child with a love for stories and a thirst for adventure.

Theme: The central theme of the story is wonder and the joy of discovery. The narrative should focus on Lily's experiences and the awe-inspiring sights, sounds, and feelings she encounters.

Tone: The tone should be whimsical and exhilarating, capturing the thrill and magic of a child's first circus experience. It should be filled with wonder, echoing Lily's feelings as she navigates the surreal world of the circus.

Pacing: The pacing should be quick and lively, mirroring the high-energy atmosphere of the circus. The story should bounce from one spectacle to another, mimicking Lily's awe and wide-eyed fascination.

Optional: The story should be approximately 400 words, focusing on Lily's observations and emotions as she explores the circus.

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