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Write a story called 'The bully'

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

I. Introduction
A. Description of the close-knit community of Ridgeville
B. The protagonist's joyful and curious nature
C. Transition to a new school and introduction of the bully, Blake

II. The Impact of Blake's Bullying
A. Blake's size and intimidation tactics
B. Targeting the protagonist and diminishing their enthusiasm
C. The protagonist's determination to understand Blake's behavior

III. Discovering Blake's Troubles
A. The protagonist finds Blake isolated under a tree
B. Approaching Blake and asking about his behavior
C. Blake's confession of being a victim of bullying by his older brother

IV. Extending Empathy and Friendship
A. The protagonist's decision to help Blake break the cycle of bullying
B. Spending more time together and teaching empathy and compassion
C. Blake's transformation and standing up against bullying

V. The Power of Empathy and Friendship
A. Developing a strong bond between Blake and the protagonist
B. Positive changes in the school's atmosphere
C. Reflection on the potential for change and the influence of empathy

VI. Conclusion
A. Summarizing the journey from tormentor to ally
B. Reinforcing the importance of empathy and understanding
C. Final thoughts on the impact of adversity and compassion

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