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Write a story about a customer who refused to pay for his/her food and describe how this person was eventually tracked down and brought to justice.

Essay Type:

Narrative Writing

Essay Plan

1. The narrator and their friend Lily go to an upscale Japanese restaurant for lunch.
2. A rude woman in a leopard print jacket starts berating their waitress, Mary, over not accepting her cheque.
3. The woman becomes increasingly loud and disruptive, causing other patrons to take notice.
4. Mary tries to calm the woman down, but she refuses to listen.
5. The woman threatens to leave and spread negative reviews about the restaurant.
6. The narrator and Lily notice a matchstick box on the table with the name "Sandy Hair Design" on it.
7. They quickly leave the restaurant and go to Sandy Hair Design, where they find the same woman getting her hair styled.
8. The police arrive and arrest the woman for writing bounced cheques all over town.
9. The narrator and Lily feel like heroes for helping to catch the woman.
10. The story ends with the two friends reflecting on their adventure.

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