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How to score more marks in your accounting exams (4 simple tips!)

If you have honestly done your revision then you can score high grades for your A level accounting exams or O level accounting exams. What you must do is remain calm and tackle it in a strategic manner.

Here are some useful tips you can apply during the exam in order to score a maximum number of marks

1. Read the question properly.

Thoroughly read the question in order to avoid missing any important information. Time spent reading the question a second time would be time well spent. Do not rush into question in panic.

2. Make clear workings and cross-referenced.

If the marker can read and understand your workings they can give you credit for using the right method, even if your answer is wrong.

3. Stick to the timings and answer all questions.

Do not spend too long on one question at the expense of others. The number of extra marks you will gain on that question will be minimal, and you could have at least obtained the easy marks on the next question.

4. Make sure you get the easy marks.

If an accounts preparation question contains something that you are unable to do, just ignore it and do the rest


  1. Read the question carefully.

  2. Don't spend more than the allotted time on each question.

  3. Don't become bogged down. If you are having trouble with a question, stop, think, decide on your best option and answer the question. Move on!

  4. Go for the easy marks


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