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Welcome to our website! We provide comprehensive and top-quality Economics notes and revision materials for various exam boards and levels. Whether you're studying for O Level or IGCSE Economics, we've got you covered. Our resources are designed to help you succeed in your exams and achieve excellent results. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

  1. O Level Economics Notes: Access well-structured and easy-to-understand O Level Economics notes (Code: 2281) to enhance your understanding of key concepts.

  2. IGCSE Economics Notes: Master IGCSE Economics with our carefully curated notes and resources.

  3. IGCSE Economics Revision Notes: Ace your IGCSE Economics exams with our comprehensive revision notes that cover all essential topics.

  4. IGCSE Economics Notes PDF Download: Get instant access to downloadable PDFs of our IGCSE Economics notes for convenient studying.

  5. Edexcel IGCSE Economics Notes PDF: Prepare for your Edexcel IGCSE Economics exams with our downloadable PDF notes.

  6. OCR GCSE Economics Revision Notes PDF: Our revision notes for OCR GCSE Economics are available in PDF format for easy access.

  7. IGCSE Economics Revision Guide: A helpful revision guide designed to optimize your exam preparation and boost your confidence.

  8. IGCSE Economics Revision Guide PDF: Downloadable PDF version of our IGCSE Economics revision guide for on-the-go studying.

  9. Economics O Level Revision Notes: Strengthen your O Level Economics preparation with our comprehensive revision notes.

  10. Higher Economics Notes: Explore advanced Economics topics with our Higher Economics notes.

  11. IGCSE Economics Learner Guide: A guide tailored to IGCSE Economics learners, providing valuable insights and study tips.

  12. Economics Notes for O Level PDF: Accessible PDF versions of our Economics notes specifically designed for O Level students.

  13. Cambridge O Level Economics Notes PDF: Our Cambridge-approved O Level Economics notes are available in downloadable PDF format.

  14. GCSE Economics Notes PDF: Prepare for GCSE Economics exams with our PDF notes, carefully curated for effective learning.

  15. WAEC Topics for Economics: Our notes cover all the essential topics for WAEC Economics exams.

  16. Economics WAEC Topics: Comprehensive resources that address the specific topics featured in WAEC Economics.

Discover the ease of learning with our user-friendly website. Download your preferred notes and guides to excel in your Economics studies. Whether you're looking for O Level Economics notes or IGCSE Economics revision materials, our site has everything you need for exam success. Don't miss the chance to optimize your preparation and achieve outstanding results. Start exploring now!

Free to download:

The secret to scoring awesome grades in economics is to have corresponding awesome notes.


A common pitfall for students is to lose themselves in a sea of notes: personal notes, teacher notes, online notes textbooks, etc... This happens when one has too many sources to revise from! Why not solve this problem by having one reliable source of notes? This is where we can help.


What makes TooLazyToStudy notes different?


Our notes:

  • are clear and concise and relevant

  • is set in an engaging template to facilitate memorisation

  • cover all the important topics in the O level, AS level and A level syllabus

  • are editable, feel free to make additions or to rephrase sentences in your own words!

    Looking for live explanations of these notes? Enrol now for FREE tuition!

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